Intersections Between Contemporary & Historical Glass

What an experience Shandra is having in Sweden! For those of you that aren’t familiar,  Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) is located in the province of Småland in southern Sweden. It brings together the municipalities of Lessebo, Emmaboda, Nybro and Uppvidinge and some 13 glassworks, glass studios and other activities and events. The Kingdom of Crystal is a sort of holy place for glass artists and  is considered the ‘glass capital’ of Sweden as they have been making world famous glass here since 1742.

SRS and Shandra are truly honored to be welcomed in this place and to help teach a new generation.

Shandra’s Journal cont.-

October 7,2015

Spent the day at the museum at The Glass Factory. What a spectacular place! We then got a tour of the private collection housed in the basement. Pieces dated back to 1660 and is Scandinavia’s most comprehensive collection. Crazy intersections between contemporary and historical glass under one roof. Truly inspirational.


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