Breaking the Mold

At the beginning of our class yesterday, we handed out a form for the kids to fill in. It simply asked what kind of seed they would design, what its purpose would be and what it would look like.  After class this evening, we did a quick assessment and went through the forms that were turned it. The answers that we got to the fundamental questions of this project were diverse, interesting and sometimes surprising. These kids really came out with some great ideas and it will be fun to see how their ideas manifest in their glass seeds.

Day two found us breaking the plaster molds out of the foam form and our students used various tools to extract the clay from their molds. It was an arduous task for most and required a great deal of class time. It was a great chance for the students to think about designing for molds and while I think some of the kids felt that maybe they didn’t make the easiest design choices for cleaning the mold, I didn’t hear anyone express frustration. This group of teens seemed like they rolled with things well and as one of the students so eloquently put it, “I don’t know how it will turn it but it’ll be interesting to find out”.

After the cleaning their molds, they spent a fair amount of time learning about the properties of glass, how glass slumps and melts and glass safety through a discussion round with Shandra. She then held a discussion about analogous colors, basic color theory and most importantly for our project, frit tinting. Following the discussion and a short lecture on glass safety, the students began color tinting their glass and poured it into their molds. There were a lot of really great and thoughtful questions – this was really an exceptionally bright and receptive group. The final stage today was loading the kiln with the seeds.

Our next and final class in next Monday. We will be unloading the kiln and breaking the molds on this project.

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