.01 design

Ultimately, it is our AIM to create
art that is representative of specific viewpoints, ideas or places and engages the viewer, in the hopes that they will see beyond what is transparent or literal.

Every PROJECT is APPROACHED with this goal in mind.

Sarah Daniels-Campbell

.02 ENCOURAGing NEW IDEAS and innovations through art


We are often asked what we do here at SRS. To be honest, it isn't simply defined. Our overall goal is to explore and understand important scientific principles and global issues through art, and to translate these findings in new educational ways. But the art stands on its own.

While each piece that is created by Shandra has a backstory, her art engages the viewer in a dialogue and seeks to provoke them to think about what could have inspired the piece. The beauty of hot glass, in our case kiln glass, goes without saying but the pieces Shandra produces are meaningful and thought-provoking. The art that is cultivated here is able to stand up in a variety of ways; through exhibitions, in public spaces or on display in a home.

At the heart of what we do is the art and from that, ideas grow upwards and outwards. Each piece is nearly always a part of a larger idea or enterprise, often with educational purposes as the goal. While there are pieces that have been created simply for pure aesthetics, most are part of a larger collection and are made to support a broader idea - such as curriculia or educational intiative. Squam River Studios' team is heavily invested in the idea that through the intermingling of disciplines, such as partnering art and science, the greatest ideas are born.

For more information about our projects or to inquire about a visit, exhibition, artistic or scientific collaborations, residency opportunities or having Shandra come to your facility to teach, please contact us.