.01 the workspaces

a working fabrication studio, fully equipped with all the tools necessary for any project, large or small.

When the team at Squam River Studios moved into the bank building in Ashland, we breathed a new life into this historic space. From the beginning, the intent was to have a facility that housed the tools necessary to take on a variety of projects and see them through from start to finish. One can't help but notice that this place is special- creativity abounds, collaboration is king and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Ideas and art are born here.


.02 our facilities


The main level is home to the creative team at Squam River Studios and is where we work, design, relax, and feel inspired. An office space, a sitting area, and the original bank vault live comfortably alongside one another, enhanced and invigorated by the works of Shandra McLane.


The mid-level of the studio houses two kilns. The pieces that Shandra designs in the fabrication room are fired in the kilns on-site, allowing the team to have control over every aspect of the creation process.

SRS Studio

The basement, equipped with a sandblasting room, a darkroom, a washing station and several glass work spaces, serves as the fabrication studio of the artist and owner herself, completes the studio and brings the operation full circle. Installations conceived upstairs and conceptualized in design and writing on the main level are brought to fruition downstairs, maintaining a surge of productivity and creativity that flows throughout the studio as a whole.